19 February 2015

Tip of the month! February: Palette@Home

More of a treat then a tip this month. New online planner from Palette CAD is now finally available in English. I present to you Palette@Home.

Click on the image above to visit our website and learn more.

Our internet planner is ideal for designing and furnishing rooms of all kinds. Suppose you wanted to design your dream room from scratch, see how a new piece of furniture would fit, or plan for a new fireplace? With Palette@Home it is very simple. The planning process is broken down into logical, progressive steps using our tabs navigation menu at the top. If that is still not easy enough, there is even a step by step support as standard for first time users. First set the room dimensions and insert windows and doors. Inserting objects into your room is equally simple. Just select the desired one and drag and drop it where you want it. Same system is also used for applying or changing the materials in the 3D view. Click on the image below to try out the interior design version.


Free app version is also available for tablets and Windows 8.1 devices, so you can download it and use it on the go!
Palette@Home plans can be imported directly into Palette CAD (version 8.1 and onwards), where they can be further edited, processed and presented. What better way to find out more about Pallete@Home, then to try it out for yourselves.

Have fun!

Greeting from Stuttgart,
Your Palette CAD Blog Team

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