31 January 2015

Up and running

We have made it through the holidays and January sales (although now probably carrying around a little extra "Christmas cheer"). Last year is already all but a distant memory and most of us have already broken our New Year's resolutions. Never mind, we'll get another crack at the whole lot soon enough! Let us instead embrace 2015 and focus on making it our year.

For Palette CAD January means the start of the trade exhibition  season and we have already tackled three of them. There really was plenty to see and try out at the IMM Cologne, Bau Munich as well as KOK in Wels.

We have once again showcased ImmerSight letting people step into their virtual rooms. Latest version of Palette@Home on our huge touchscreen and we also brought along our new 3D printer to have a little fun.

Localised versions of Palette@Home are being uploaded very soon and I hope to give you a chance to try out the English version next month, so watch this space.

Of course the most anticipated event this year is the release of version 9 of Palette CAD. What I can disclose at this point is that, although, there is likely going to be a ridonkulous amount of new features and improvements, the look and layout of the version 9 will likely remain very similar to that of Palette CAD 8. Personally I find that to be phenomenal, it will be very easy to plug and play, so to speak. 

Even better news is that all our our current customers with service partnerships will be getting upgraded to version 9 free of charge. Also don't forget that it is worth getting your hands on Palette CAD 8 right now, less than a year from version 9 again guarantees free upgrade for service partnership customers, as well as, benefiting from the current price point. Contact us at info@palettecad.com for more details.

I will leave it there but more news and reveals in the coming posts.

Greeting from Stuttgart,
Your Palette CAD-Blog Team

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