20 August 2013

The future of yesterday

Hard to believe but it has been a year to the day since I started writing this blog. For some that can seem like a long time, but, I must admit for me it has felt like a matter of weeks. It has probably a lot to do with having to learn a new language, adjusting to the German culture and the constant change that comes with working at Palette CAD, eradicating  boredom. There wasn't enough time left over to feel homesick either, although some of the weather so far this year, and now the start of another football season have helped. Well, now I will take some time to look back over the past 12 months and see what has changed since then.

The first change, and the most obvious one is that our new version 8 of Palette CAD is available the world over. I still remember starting my PCAD 7, but looking at the start screen below it looks way older than 2012.

And here the new, polished, modern screen I am nowadays greeted with. From the first look alone you know it is the future of computer aided interior design!

We have also seen the new Palette PLAY feature which allows you to look through your plan as well as make changes in real time. More on this subject and a chance to have a little try yourself can be found in my June post.

This feature was then further developed in co-operation with Immer Sight, giving users the possibility to transfer their plan into a 3D virtual reality where they could step inside their plan and truly experience the environment as if they were really there.

Follow the link here to see a video demo from Stone+Tec 2013.
There have been updates in all major fields when it comes to catalogues, tiling, stoves and fireplaces, sanitary and wood to name but a few. On top we have seen a development of a brand new library, Architecture and Interior Design, featuring over 100,000 household objects and materials to make every home a dreamy one.

We have also connected further with our users through improvement in our social networking. Now you can also find us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter making it even easier to get in contact with us, stay up to date, as well as interact with other Palette CAD users.

So we've come a long way in the last 12 months but there is plenty more to come in the next 12. Just some of the highlights include Palette@HOME, an internet planner currently in development, more branch specific updates and Palette CAD 8.1 further improving on our best work to date.

Before the year is out we will be at Cersaie in Bologna between 23rd and 27th September,  25th-28 September at Marmomacc in Verona and Holz in Basel between 8th-12th October. Still plenty of time to come and visit us then and find out for yourself what all the hype is about and where we go from here. We hope to see you there!

With over 5000 views in the past year I would like to take this opportunity and thank you all for reading my blog and hope you carry on enjoying it well into the future.

Greeting from sunny Stuttgart,
Your Palette CAD-Blog Team

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