21 March 2013

Tip of the month! March: Auto Saving

As we all know, and the former governor of California can attest to this, all computers are evil and sooner or later these terminators decide to turn on us, crashing for no reason in the middle of a design.  To save the human race, or at least a few hours of our life, you can recover your work using the Auto Save files programmed into Palette CAD. To find out how to get one over on the machines just read on.

First make sure the Auto Save feature is turned on. It is found in the Settings menu under Options.

Then from the left hand side menu choose Input/Output option and then Auto save.Here you can also define number of steps between auto saves.

Then it is a simple matter of opening the correct file format. Simply chose Open from the File menu as always.

This brings up the usual window where you can see your created files. Please notice that in order to find specific files you have to select the correct directory where your files are saved.

Finally to see and use auto save files tick the box “Display auto save files”. This will then display the available files and hopefully you will have saved yourself some time.

Well there it is folks, hope it helps, keep fighting the good fight and fear not because I’ll be back!!

Greetings from Stuttgart,
Your Palette CAD-Blog Team

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