22 February 2013

Spring Fever

February, scientifically the shortest month of the year! No wonder then that it constantly feels like I don’t have a second to spare. Also it is the time of the year when many get visited by that little winged creature with bow and arrow forcing people to buy lavish and expensive gifts. Luckily for me, I was in transit on a plane, flying between time zones and he never got to me. Still, I’m sure one of his relatives will get to me before the year is out.

Right then, onto business, and here at the head office in Stuttgart it’s been full throttle. Version 8 has been delivered to all of our German update customers first week of February and as a result the phone has not stopped ringing since. I mean that literally, I can still hear the ringing tone at nights, ringing away in my dreams. What I find really strange though is that even in my own dreams I find it compelling to answer. Good thing is that Palette CAD 8 has been received very well here in Germany and it seems people are very excited by its potential.

Internationally we have been busy too. Three fantastic days at Kok in Wels saw us meeting with many of our international users. Finally got to put some faces to those emails and internet posts. Once again we showed off what’s to come in Palette CAD 8 and the response was great as always. 

While on the subject, we are putting the finishing touches on the module and program function translations and I really hope that we can get cracking on the programming for the other languages by the end of this month.

Last week I was in Kuwait at NI Ceramics for a couple of days holding a tiling training course and also sampling the local life courtesy of my hosts. NI Ceramics is the biggest ceramic tiles manufacturer in Kuwait and I got to meet with their representatives last year at Cersaie where they had a very stylish stand.  During my visit last week I was also given the factory tour where I got to see how the tiles are produced from raw materials to the finished product. Here below are some pics from my travels, and my favorite is the laser guided Terminator, that physically moves the goods and acts as the link between the different machines within the factory environment. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the guys at NI Ceramics for their fantastic hospitality. Also as agreed, next time I visit, I will be coming in shorts and flip-flops to take in some of that great climate.

I also received some work from France to add to our growing list of international users. The work underneath was done by an interior design company, Inside, situated at the very north of France. It’s the closest to England we’ve come so far but I’m sure we’ll get there soon! For more information about Inside and a chance to see more of their projects visit their website at http://www.inside-deco-tendance.com/ .  I also uploaded some more pictures I received onto our International Facebook page.

I think that about covers it for now so until next time, keep it fun and keep your work coming in!

Greeting from Stuttgart,
Your Palette CAD-Blog Team

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