15 March 2018

Tip of the month! March: Installation height

This month we'll go over a useful function that helps with the positioning of objects.

With the Plan view active, the Installation height function allows you to adjust the selected objects distance from the floor, relative to the top or bottom edge of the object.

With the Front view active, the function allows you to adjust the selected objects distance from the selected wall or Front, relative to the rear or leading edge.

The Installation height function is found in the positioning section of the Edit tab, or can be activated with the shortcut - N.

The operation always refers to the red bounding box of a selected object.
In addition to adjusting relative to the top/bottom edge, using the Drop option the object can be set on the highest/closest area available (for example on to a table). If there is no existing object to be dropped upon, the object will be dropped to level 0.

As an example, in the finished plan shown at the top of this post, the rug was added after the coffee table had already been placed. So the Drop option in the Installation height feature was used, to sit the coffee table on the rug (just remember to repeat the process for any objects already sitting on the table!).

Be sure to select the object and the correct view before activating the Installation height command.

Give it a go and see how you get on.

Greetings from Stuttgart
Your Palette CAD Blog Team

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