16 November 2015

Tip of the month! November: Presentation settings

For many of us the days are getting shorter but work is getting longer. Just another one of the many benefits from the upcoming festive holidays. As time is in such short supply, let us try and save you a little when working with Palette CAD. At times it may take several attempts in order to get that perfect photo-realistic image or panorama. This is why it is important to learn to switch your settings between speed and quality.

The settings for presentation mode can be found under the "View" tab. At the early planning stages we strongly recommend to work with lower quality ambient light setting. Just slide the bar to "Fast".  This way it is easy to get an idea of visualisation, especially if you are trying out a number of potential materials or colours. You can also check the advanced settings and also exclude any of the options there to make it even quicker.

Of course, once the design is ready, and you are looking for that eye-catching quality, just go back into the settings and adjust the quality. Then let the results speak for themselves! Have fun.

Greeting from Stuttgart,
Your Palette CAD Blog Team

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