18 September 2014

Tip of the month! September: Colour match search

Looking back at the previous TOTM posts, if our readers have been taking notice, and putting our shared knowledge into practice, there must be some advanced level Palette CAD wizards out there.

This month another of the upcoming 8.2 features for you, new colour match search system for materials. This is a very cool feature when trying to find similar materials to ones already in your plan. Matching the styling of the furniture to that of the floor, for example.

Lets imagine that we have already finished the proposal above for our potential client, but we needed at least one other variation. The furniture is set but flooring not. Using the material matching system we can use the couch leather to find similar wood finish for the floor.

First open the material browser found under the design tab. Start the search by clicking on the symbol shown in the picture above. This will open the standard material search. Now at the bottom check the coluor search option. This will allow you to choose from further setting. Select a desired tolerance range and then open the drop-down menu and select other colours.

Colours window will pop up. From here click on the Select button and then simply click on the surface you wish to match. This will be displayed under new. Click on OK.

Simply select start search and shortly after the results will be displayed. Now just select the one you wish to use and apply it to the desired surface. In our example, dark wood surfaces were replaced as seen in the resulting rendering below.

As a little bonus I can officially announce that as of today international versions of Palette CAD 8.2 have been completed. Hope you get yours soon and reap the benefits of professional visualisation.

Greeting from Stuttgart,
Your Palette CAD Blog Team

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