20 December 2013

Tip of the month! December: Using “Save +1” feature

There is a very useful but a little known feature in Palette CAD that allows you to save a design over and over again by adding numbers to the end of the file name. This little gem is “Save +1” and it is a fantastic way to save time if you want to present a potential customer with the same design but with a number of small variations, such as different paint options or tile designs.

For the first time just save your work as normal and give your plan an appropriate name. In my example I used “Winter Bathroom”.

Underneath you can see the finished design.

Now I exchanged the dark and light tiles for one another and chose darker wood in order to present both options to my potential customer. I still want the opportunity to keep both plans so now I save this my plan with “Save +1”.


This now creates another file “Winter Bathroom_1” and gives me the below look. I can now keep and edit both plans further.

There it is, easy peasy. Try it out for yourselves and have fun with it!!

Seasonal greetings from Stuttgart,
Your Palette CAD-Blog Team

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