11 October 2013

Tip of the month! October: Changing view layouts

Since the very first version of Palette CAD our best improvement advisors were always our users. It is exactly because of this mentality that we have introduced two new screen layouts in version 8, 1-3 window view and 4 window construction view to complement our classic 4 window view. Below you can find a little about all three and decide which one is best suited for yourselves. In order to change your current view layout go to the “View” tab.

As you start a new plan in Palette CAD for the first time you will be presented with our classic 4 window view as seen below. It is great when you want to design and see your results in all windows at the same time. It works best when working with a 17 inch or bigger monitor but often on laptops or smaller screens it is hard to work in more detail.

This is where 1-3 window view below comes in handy. It gives you the advantage of one bigger window as well as seeing and being able to work in the three next to it. This was really the one many customers asked for as it is perfect for laptop screens.

Last but not least is the 4 window construction view. It is very similar to the classic view with the exception of side window replacing the perspective window. This layout is perfect for people who want to focus more on design stage of the plan. Side window lets you see a selected fronts from left or right side as well. Also great way to present constructed furniture layout as seen in my screen shot below.

Of course sometimes it is useful to switch between these three options and as you get used to them the benefits of each will become clear.

Hopefully this month's tip will hone your skills further and don’t forget you can always find more at our other Palette CAD information platforms listed below.

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Above all, make sure you have fun!

Greetings from Stuttgart,
Your Palette CAD-Blog Team

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