13 November 2012

Wind of change

For those returning to read my words of wisdom and inspiration, you may notice a new look and design to the blog.

To start off with, should English not be your first choice of languages you can now find Google Translate on the right hand side. Unfortunately my extraordinary charm and wit may be lost in translation but at least you can understand the core of the subject.

Should you find the blog to be a good read, please feel free to spread the joy using the new share options for the other social media outlets, also found on the right hand side.

I have also tried to make it easier to leave feedback quickly introducing the reaction boxes at the bottom of each blog. "Useful", "Interesting" and being British , I had to throw in "Fit for the Queen" in there. Don't forget you can also directly leave feedback or topic suggestions at egrabic@palettecad.com as well as ask for a request to be added to my personal blog mailing list.

While we are on the subject of change, take a look at the Palette CAD case study recently published by BCGSoft at www.bcgsoft.com/casestudies/palettecad.htm . It highlights the GUI changes in Palette CAD 8, giving it a more Windows 8 look and feel.

Lastly, and of course saving the best for last, I am very happy to announce our new Palette CAD International Group page on Facebook. I hope it will prove to be a great platform to share ideas, give and find tips and tricks, showcase your hard work for all to see and rate, a place to meet some fellow users and enthusiasts from across the globe and maybe a chance to practice your knowledge of other languages.

The place to be is www.facebook.com/groups/164040557075439/ so make sure you visit, tell your friends and join our group. To start us off I will be showcasing my England inspired bathroom so let me know what you think.

As always, it has been a pleasure, so, till next time...

Greetings from Stuttgart,
Your Palette CAD-Blog Team

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